IIM Kozhikode experience


There was a GD (not case study) in IIMK. Our GD topic was “Exclusion of the creamy layer from the 27% OBC reservation


The questions I was asked were as follows –
1. Introduce yourself.
2. What work do you do at office?
3. How is mainframe computer different from any other computers? Some follow-up questions.
4. There is an opinion that mainframe computers are going to be obsolete. What’s your opinion?
5. If you are the CEO of Cognizant what would you do?
6. Does rupee appreciating or depreciating? Why it is appreciating?
7. Which area of mathematics you are familiar with? (I told not any particular area and I didn’t need mathematics for my day to day work.) Do you remember Binomial Theorem? (I said yes. Then the prof handed me a piece of paper and asked me to write the equation.)
8. You can leave.

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